It’s NOT “out there”

Yesterday, I was reading my daily devotional and part of it said this;”There are many things in the world that threaten us. But our biggest enemy, fear, is not “out there.”…

It is true, we face many challenges and hardships.We face loosing our jobs, our health, our shelter. But what stops us from changing our circumstances before it gets to that point?


We sense changes coming, that’s why we worry. We know things need to be different. Why do we hold out for so long, hoping and waiting for things to happen?

Well, waiting around for things to happen is one way to go, if you want uncertainty. Things will happen, whether you’ll like them or not is a different story. I don’t want that to be my story.

If you have hopes, wants, dreams, goals, plans, put them into action. We know in our hearts that we have to MAKE things happen if were going to live life how we want it.

Stop worrying and being afraid of whats “out there”. Deal with what is inside, it already has a hold of you . We cant run from it, there is no way to hide. We also have it greatness inside of us. Yes, all of us! Sometimes its just that our fear is so big that we cant see our greatness, so we think its not there, but it is, it truly is.

With everything we do, including the things we want to do but are afraid to do, when we actually do something, anything, it shakes that fear. Our action no matter how small squashes that fear a little more every time. Just keep taking action and soon you wont be  frozen with fear. When we are not stuck anymore, that’s when we can be free. Our greatness can really begin to shine.

That’s my attitude of the day; SHINE!


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