Address Information Scams

Lately  many people have been asking me about  scams that they have come across .

Emails from people wanting you to work for them, or live in their house, babysit their kid or wanting to buy something from you or even have you handle a money transaction of millions of dollars.  I have been seeing these too. They are going to send you a certified check and you are supposed to cash it for your portion and pass the rest on to someone else for various reasons.

I’ve gotten comments like”Its so strange, they are just asking for my address and phone number.”

“They don’t want my bank info or anything just my address and telephone number.”

“Anyone could probably  do an internet search and get that info.”

A lot of people think “well its harmless what their asking is public info anyway. It might be worth is to give it to them if they really are gonna pay me.”

Well don’t!  Just stop and think a minute.

When running a credit card with out actually having the card in possession , the processing companies always require your  zip code to process it. The more information you give , address information and full name the faster the card will process. With a last  name and zip code it might take 7 days to process, with full name and full address depending on the amount it might be  with in 1 or 2 days.

There are so many ways a thief can get your card info. They have waiters writing them down when you pay, fake card readers placed on top of real ones that copy your info, those devices  that read the RFID  on your card just in passing you on the street.  If  someone already has your card number and you give your name and address info to them they now have instant access to your money.

If a thief keeps to small amounts they could easily continue draining your accounts while your checking the mail for that big check. It wont be long until you are missing your money and your credit cards are filing up with charges you did not make.

Technology is great, but it is also great for identity thieves.  That is why Identity Thief is the fastest growing crime in North America. With over 27,000 victims daily and growing, make sure your identity theft protection has daily monitoring and restoration services.

Be careful with your info.

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