Today Success!

Some one out there uses their brain.

The world has shown a glimmer of hope.

Talking about the little devices that can scan the RFID on your credit card/debit card and get your information just with the thief walking past you. So simple…, so scary. You need to be on alert. You wont even know it has happened until you are a victim. That is why you need protection set in place. Crime is changing with technology. criminals don’t leave fingerprints in a situation like this. Take your chances, thinking it wont happen to me, or take control and be ready if it does.

Someone sees the risk , listens to the info and wants to know more. I have a small success. There  maybe more people out there who have the smarts to know that they need to look out for themselves.

Now I’ve just got to keep on looking for them. Where are they hiding?

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