Hello world!

Welcome to my mission. I would truly love to help make people’s lives even just a little bit better. A smile here, a kind word there, holding the door for the person behind me. The little things that everyone should be doing. Saying thank you, maybe just with a hand wave or a head nod but it’s still out there.  Giving up a seat to someone who needs a rest. Why stop there, when you see a need fill it if you can.

I see a need and I want to help fix it. Easy, right? Why are the people I come across daily so opposed to a better existence?

And that is what has led me here to this blog. This is where I let it out.

I have been out there trying to really help people have a better life. I have been faced with ignorance at every turn.

Identity theft, the fastest growing crime in America, over 27,000 Victims Every Day. Everyday.  I care, I offer FREE Identity theft workshops so You can learn how to protect yourselves from this life ruining crime.

“A thief can have my identity, my credit sucks.”

You lock your doors to your junky car that no one is even going to come near, but you wont even get information that can protect your whole life as you know it. Identity theft is not just about your credit report. There is so much more going on than a credit report and these people are to mindless to even hear about it.

Last in education, its showing around here.

Even so, I still hold on to hope, I will get through.

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