It’s NOT “out there”

Yesterday, I was reading my daily devotional and part of it said this;”There are many things in the world that threaten us. But our biggest enemy, fear, is not “out there.”…

It is true, we face many challenges and hardships.We face loosing our jobs, our health, our shelter. But what stops us from changing our circumstances before it gets to that point?


We sense changes coming, that’s why we worry. We know things need to be different. Why do we hold out for so long, hoping and waiting for things to happen?

Well, waiting around for things to happen is one way to go, if you want uncertainty. Things will happen, whether you’ll like them or not is a different story. I don’t want that to be my story.

If you have hopes, wants, dreams, goals, plans, put them into action. We know in our hearts that we have to MAKE things happen if were going to live life how we want it.

Stop worrying and being afraid of whats “out there”. Deal with what is inside, it already has a hold of you . We cant run from it, there is no way to hide. We also have it greatness inside of us. Yes, all of us! Sometimes its just that our fear is so big that we cant see our greatness, so we think its not there, but it is, it truly is.

With everything we do, including the things we want to do but are afraid to do, when we actually do something, anything, it shakes that fear. Our action no matter how small squashes that fear a little more every time. Just keep taking action and soon you wont be  frozen with fear. When we are not stuck anymore, that’s when we can be free. Our greatness can really begin to shine.

That’s my attitude of the day; SHINE!


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Protect your self, not just your things

Identity theft. The fastest growing crime in America. Over 27,000 victims a day. How many of us are taking precautions?

There are options out there. Yes, I know a lot of them are not much better than doing nothing. Do your research, get a protection plan that has you covered. Some plans just tell you you’ve been a victim , some tell you what you need to do after, some help you more than that , some take care of it all for you.

While shopping around look for certain things. A plan that covers all 5 areas of ID theft. Credit, Drivers License, Employment- IRA & SSA, Medical and Criminal/Character

A plan that offers: Complete credit analysis, 24 hr monitoring, complete credit restoration, and minor coverage and the whole family on one plan.

Find a plan that has all that and you will have the best coverage.

We lock our doors, set our car alarms and now we can also protect our personal information.

Only one in 700  gets caught, lets change that.

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Address Information Scams

Lately  many people have been asking me about  scams that they have come across .

Emails from people wanting you to work for them, or live in their house, babysit their kid or wanting to buy something from you or even have you handle a money transaction of millions of dollars.  I have been seeing these too. They are going to send you a certified check and you are supposed to cash it for your portion and pass the rest on to someone else for various reasons.

I’ve gotten comments like”Its so strange, they are just asking for my address and phone number.”

“They don’t want my bank info or anything just my address and telephone number.”

“Anyone could probably  do an internet search and get that info.”

A lot of people think “well its harmless what their asking is public info anyway. It might be worth is to give it to them if they really are gonna pay me.”

Well don’t!  Just stop and think a minute.

When running a credit card with out actually having the card in possession , the processing companies always require your  zip code to process it. The more information you give , address information and full name the faster the card will process. With a last  name and zip code it might take 7 days to process, with full name and full address depending on the amount it might be  with in 1 or 2 days.

There are so many ways a thief can get your card info. They have waiters writing them down when you pay, fake card readers placed on top of real ones that copy your info, those devices  that read the RFID  on your card just in passing you on the street.  If  someone already has your card number and you give your name and address info to them they now have instant access to your money.

If a thief keeps to small amounts they could easily continue draining your accounts while your checking the mail for that big check. It wont be long until you are missing your money and your credit cards are filing up with charges you did not make.

Technology is great, but it is also great for identity thieves.  That is why Identity Thief is the fastest growing crime in North America. With over 27,000 victims daily and growing, make sure your identity theft protection has daily monitoring and restoration services.

Be careful with your info.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far.

Nevada Highway

I have driven this path for years and this picture is the first time I have ever taken a photo of it.  I had seen this  countless times. The valley, the mountain range, the little dust storm and yet it was like I was seeing it for the first time. There is just something so beautiful  in the way God  painted the day. I hope you enjoy it as well.


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Today Success!

Some one out there uses their brain.

The world has shown a glimmer of hope.

Talking about the little devices that can scan the RFID on your credit card/debit card and get your information just with the thief walking past you. So simple…, so scary. You need to be on alert. You wont even know it has happened until you are a victim. That is why you need protection set in place. Crime is changing with technology. criminals don’t leave fingerprints in a situation like this. Take your chances, thinking it wont happen to me, or take control and be ready if it does.

Someone sees the risk , listens to the info and wants to know more. I have a small success. There  maybe more people out there who have the smarts to know that they need to look out for themselves.

Now I’ve just got to keep on looking for them. Where are they hiding?

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Hello world!

Welcome to my mission. I would truly love to help make people’s lives even just a little bit better. A smile here, a kind word there, holding the door for the person behind me. The little things that everyone should be doing. Saying thank you, maybe just with a hand wave or a head nod but it’s still out there.  Giving up a seat to someone who needs a rest. Why stop there, when you see a need fill it if you can.

I see a need and I want to help fix it. Easy, right? Why are the people I come across daily so opposed to a better existence?

And that is what has led me here to this blog. This is where I let it out.

I have been out there trying to really help people have a better life. I have been faced with ignorance at every turn.

Identity theft, the fastest growing crime in America, over 27,000 Victims Every Day. Everyday.  I care, I offer FREE Identity theft workshops so You can learn how to protect yourselves from this life ruining crime.

“A thief can have my identity, my credit sucks.”

You lock your doors to your junky car that no one is even going to come near, but you wont even get information that can protect your whole life as you know it. Identity theft is not just about your credit report. There is so much more going on than a credit report and these people are to mindless to even hear about it.

Last in education, its showing around here.

Even so, I still hold on to hope, I will get through.

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